Ongoing Research

Enterprise Modeling and Transformation

    • “An Extensible Actor-Oriented Modeling Notation”, with Carel Miske and Ken Peffers0
    • “Architectural Support of Enterprise Transformations: An Information Processing Perspective”, with Nils Labusch, Stephan Aier, and Robert Winter

Software Development Process

    • “Flexible Component Design through Product Platforms”, with Hemant Jain and Vijay Sugumaran
    • “Identifying Effort Estimation Factors for Corrective Maintenance in Object-Oriented Systems”, with Michael Lee and Ken Peffers

Design Science Research Methodology

    • “A Taxonomy of Evaluation Methods for Design Science Research”, with Ken Peffers and Tuure Tuunanen


    • “The Value of Observational Leaning Information in Online Sales”, with Ming Lei, Mingxi Zhang, and Honghui Deng